Case Study

Panasonic Wanbao Appliances Beauty and Living(Guangzhou)Co., Ltd.
Combination of Mold EX-Press and WOS significantly increases procurement efficiency of standard parts

Plastic Mold Electric

Customer profile

Panasonic Wanbao Appliances Beauty and Health(Guangzhou)Co., Ltd.
manufactures products such as electric shavers, hair dryers, depilators, clips, and electric tooth brushes.

Conventional design procedures

Molds are designed using NX assembly. A standard mold base was output by Mold Wizard. Standard parts were selected from a database. If no suitable part was found in the database, a similar product was selected and modified by modeling. The modified dimensions were measured, and the part number was selected from a paper catalog. Quotations and order placement were made on Misumi’s WOS (Web Ordering System).

Troubles in the design process

When a standard part was modified, it no longer matched the number in the library. Selection of a part number from a paper catalog could result in an error. If any single part of a mold was missing, the molding process was interrupted.

How was the design process changed?

After the introduction of Mold EX-Press, the part model in the appropriate dimensions are output by the software. The part can be placed on a mold base. A CAD model and its part number are automatically created. The OCQ (One-Click Quotation) function can then be used to register the data in WOS, generating the quotation and delivery date in seconds.

Results of introduction

After the introduction of Mold EX-Press, the need for manual modeling of standard parts was eliminated. For standard parts in Mold EX-Press, their CAD model and part number are created and selected automatically. If additional work options are selected, the correct CAD model and part number are generated automatically. The parts list is uploaded directly to the WOS using the OCQ function. This function allows paperless quotations or orders at any time, for even greater efficiency.

Voice of the customer

“Mold EX-press combined with WOS significantly reduces the work process. It is highly convenient”.

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